Top tips. How to get the most from your Wedding Band.

Top tips. How to get the most from your Wedding Band.

You've found the perfect live band for your special day. Here is some useful advice to help you make the most of your Wedding band.

  • Check who will be performing in the band on your event date.
Most professional musicians are self employed and will often be involved with multiple projects such as tours, session work, shows and teaching. This means that the people on your day may not always be the same performers in the promo video as deps will be used in the event of original band members having other commitments. Good bands will have a list of players that they have used before and know the set list really well. In my experience most clients will be most keen on which singer they get. Our promo video features two singers and our website features our dep singers too.  
We are lucky as an established band to have a wonderful group of musicians, who have all played together for over 10 years.

  • Will your band DJ in between sets?
Your band will be able to provide DJ music for in between their live sets. Usually this is in the form of a laptop with Spotify and gapless playback. This can save you the expense of hiring an additional DJ, however it is unlikely that they will be able to take requests (as a manned DJ service will). 
Our clients often like to send me a list of song requests to download for the DJ breaks between sets. This is great for the band as we know the bride and groom are happy with the music, and it saves us from the drunk uncle demanding Chemical Brothers tracks! 

Your band will be happy to learn a couple of special requests if you want a song that isn't already on their set list. This is in addition to your first dance which we will of course be happy to learn, or DJ the original record if you would prefer that.
When it comes to the order of songs, let the band write the set list. They will have a better idea of which songs need to go where to make the most of the band for dancing.

  • Timings.
The wedding band's job is to get people dancing. At weddings it is usually better to have the band start a little later. After the speeches and a big meal, your guests will need a bit of time to chill before hitting the dance floor. Once the band is set up, they will put some appropriate DJ music on to build the atmosphere. We usually find that 8.30pm is a good start time. 

  • Does the band provide any other services?
In addition to their live sets and DJ music, your band will also provide PA sound system and Lighting as standard. They may also be able to provide other music options. 
We also offer members of the band for the following:
As the band is already onsite for the evening performance, these options are available at greatly reduced rate compared to having to hire in separate musicians for afternoon sets. Find out what your band can offer.

Together as a band, Funky Buddha Music has played at thousands of wedding, party and corporate event gigs throughout the UK and beyond. Passionate about music and experienced in the industry. Whether playing in Dubai for a New Years Eve, performing on top of a bar inside Battersea Power Station for a corporate party or playing in a magical wedding marquee, Funky Buddha creates outstanding and memorable performances.

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